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Walking Tractor Storage

Walking tractor If unused for a long time, there will be a series of problems and failures, in order to avoid the use of the failure, due attention to the maintenance measures.

1. Parking place. Preferably in the storeroom, but not with fertilizers, pesticides, lest it corrode parts, such as in the outdoor parking, should choose the high ground, dry ventilation, and covered with plastic sheeting, to prevent mechanical damage and rust.

2. Support Pads. The tractor with wooden piers or masonry, such as cushion to reduce the tire load, such as cushion, tires to increase the amount of $number, and often check, often inflatable, not lack of gas.

3. Thoroughly cleaned. Clear the surface of the tractor dirt and oil, comprehensive inspection, adjustment, fastening various parts and screws, lest loose fall off.

4. Put the oil on the net. After the tractor has been deactivated, the cooling water, diesel oil and oil in the engine should be completely put out.

5. Maintenance parts. Take the appropriate amount of dehydration oil (the oil is heated to 130 ℃ or so) into the trachea, rotate the crankshaft, so that the oil adhesion to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and valve. And the piston to the compression of the stop point, lest the valve spring, push rod and other parts of the long period of oppression and loss of its performance.

6. Remove the injector. After cleaning the fuel injector into the clean diesel oil, loosen the adjusting screws, and plug the injector hole with a wooden plug.

7. Axle box oiling. Take 1kg dehydration oil, pour into the crankcase, then rotate the crankshaft number circle, so that lubrication system full of dehydration oil.

8. Parts of polyester oil. The rocker arm, high-pressure tubing, fuel injection, bolts and nuts and other fastening parts, all coated with dehydrated oil to prevent rust.

9. Good lubrication. According to the overall lubrication requirements of walking tractor parts, the use of standard lubricants to fully lubricate.

$number. Dress to dust. The engine's air filter, flue, water tank mouth, fuel tank mouth and so easy to enter the dust, with plastic sheeting or paper and other items strapped firmly, to prevent access to debris and dust.

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