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Walking Tractor Related Operation

Walking tractor has light weight, compact model, flexible operation, strong adaptability, etc.

The advantages of walking tractor, with different agricultural machinery, can be ploughed, rotary tillage, formation, soil and other fields of ground work, with trailers, but also for short-distance transport. In the field, due to the slow speed, generally not easy to accident, while engaged in road transport, special attention should be paid to the safety of the two aspects of steering and connection.

Attention to the question of turning. First, try not to turn at the beginning; need to turn to a certain side, clench the side of the steering hand, the side of the clutch separation, cut off the side of the driving force, the side of the wheel speed is lower than the other side of the wheel speed, the tractor can achieve smooth steering; third, the downhill turn. When the need to turn to a certain side, it should be clenched on the other side of the steering hand, called the "reverse-turn"; Four is to reduce the throttle when the situation and downhill is basically similar, should try to avoid turning.

To pay attention to the connection of the problem, in the use of the vehicle should always check whether the connection is solid and reliable. In the course of road transportation, if the connection is not firm or the weld seam cracks such as the phenomenon, it should be repaired in time to avoid the connection pin drop or the connection pin sleeve fracture, resulting in separation of the front and the car bucket.

According to article 23rd of the provisions on the liability for repair, replacement and return of agricultural machinery products, the mechanical failure caused by personal reasons cannot be carried out. To this end, the general hand attention to the following four points:

First, carefully read the mechanical instructions, grasp the structure and performance, avoid swallowed, self-righteous, can not act as "knowledgeable."

Second, the operation of machinery to follow the operating procedures, maintenance to pay attention to methods, should not be careless, can not be blind fiddle.

Third, agricultural machinery function has limited, the load speed has the stipulation, should not "small horse cart", Penny.

Four, resolute can not operate sick machinery, once found mechanical defects, to immediately stop operation, timely maintenance and maintenance.

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