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The Use Of Rotary Machinery

1. Start the operation, the Rotary tiller should be in a state of Ascension, first combined with the power output shaft, so that the speed of the knife axis to the rated speed, and then drop rotary tiller, so that the blade gradually buried to the required depth. It is forbidden to combine the power output shaft with the blade in the ground, or to reduce the rotary tiller sharply, so as to avoid the blade bending or breaking and aggravating the tractor load.

2. In the operation, should be as low as possible slow, so as not only to ensure the quality of work, so that the dirt fine, but also to reduce the wear and tear. Pay attention to listen to the rotary tiller if there is noise or metal percussion sound, and observe the ground, deep tillage. If the exception should be immediately shut down for inspection, the elimination of the rear can continue to work.

3. In the field turn, prohibit the operation, the tiller should be raised, so that the blade off the ground, and reduce the tractor throttle, lest damage to the blade. When the rotary tiller is raised, the tilt angle of the universal joint should be less than 30 degrees, and the impact noise will be produced when it is too large, so that it can wear or damage prematurely.

4. In reversing, over the ridge and transfer plots, the tiller should be raised to the highest position, and cut off the power, so as not to damage the machine. If transferred to a distance, the rotary tiller should be fixed with a locking device.

5. After each shift operation, the rotary tiller should be maintained. Remove the soil and weeds on the blade, check the fastening condition of each connection piece, add lubricating oil to each lubricating oil point, and add butter to the universal joint to avoid aggravating wear.

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