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The Structure Of Walking Tractor

The tractor is divided into 2.2 kilowatts by dynamic size, 2.2~4.5 kw, 5~13 kw 3

A level. According to the operating performance of the driving type, traction and driving traction and the use of the type. The main supporting Rotary tiller operation, it is also known as Power cultivator, traction type main supporting tractor-type operation, and the use of the type can not only support the operation of Rotary tiller, but also supporting the operation of traction tools or with trailers for transport operations. According to the walking device is divided into wheeled, crawler-type and tillage. Wheeled walking tractor According to the number of walking wheel is divided into one-wheel and two-wheeled.

To improve the driver's working conditions, the Chinese-made walking tractor increases the number of supporting wheels and installs the seat, becomes the traveling tractor, the cultivator is also called the wheel-type walking tractor, its characteristic is does not have the driving wheel, but installs the Rotary cultivator part on the drive axle, both cultivates the soil and can walk forward. Mechanical structure Walking tractor is generally composed of frame, power plant, transmission system, walking device, steering system, brake and control mechanism.

Using the horizontal Single-cylinder diesel engine, the engine power is transferred from the V to the transmission system, and the speed of the clutch control power is controlled. The power is transmitted to the gearbox by a chain-driven walking tractor box, the central drive, the final drive, the steering mechanism and the brakes are all mounted in the gearbox. Gearbox uses gear transmission, variable gear position random type and different, generally $number file (that is, 6 forward gears, 2 back gear), at least $number file, up to 12+6 file. After the variable speed of power, from the central drive and the final transmission to both sides of the driving wheel. The steering mechanism adopts a tooth-embedded clutch or a copper ball-type clutch.

The manipulator is mounted on a hand-held rack to control the throttle, speed, steering, braking and power output. The power is driven through the gears by the power output shaft or directly by the engine output. Walking device to meet the needs of paddy Field operation, in addition to the tires are equipped with a variety of iron impeller, in addition to the tail wheel. The tail wheel has two kinds of transport wheel and Cultivator, the former is used to support the weight, and the latter is used to adjust the plough depth. A skid can be used in paddy fields.

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