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The Invention Of Tractors

Since ancient times, there are a lot of people try to mechanical force instead of human and animal farming. But it was not until the time that Europe entered the steam era in nineteenth Century that the birth of the power type agricultural machinery was possible.

France and the United States of Illinois, alla Balter R C parvan respectively in 1856 and 1873 invented the first steam powered tractor.

In 1830s, people began to study field operations by using steam vehicles to pull agricultural machinery. But at that time, the steam locomotive traction vehicle, which is the predecessor of steam tractor, is like a small locomotive. If it is not stuck in the field, it will also pressure the earth very hard, and it will not be able to farm at all. In 1851, Fala and Smith in England used the steam machine for the first time to carry out farm machinery farming. Some people see it as the beginning of agricultural mechanization, but at the time of their approach is to put the steam engine mounted on farms, with the steel wire rope traction far in the field of plowing plough. Later, with the progress of steam turbine manufacturing technology, a miniaturized steam engine was installed. It was installed on the chassis of a vehicle to drive wheels, so that it could directly drive the farm machinery from the field to the field, which led to the birth of tractors. The tractors were very similar to the early steam engines, but they were more horsepower and slower.

The first tractor is bulky and expensive, inconvenient to use, the number of people often need operation, suitable for farming in the vast wilderness, general individual farmers to afford, in 1889, the United States of Chicago Chada engine company produced the world's first use of gasoline engine of agricultural tractors -- "Baja" tractor. Because the internal combustion engine is comparatively light, easy to operate, and has high efficiency, it has laid the foundation for the popularization and application of the tractor. At the beginning of twentieth Century, Sweden, Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom at almost the same time to manufacturing a diesel powered tractor, during the first World War, because of the war, labor shortages and rising prices of agricultural products, promote the development of agricultural tractors. From 1910 to 1920, there was fierce competition between steam engine and tractor driven by internal combustion engine. The latter showed greater superiority and gradually eliminated the former. All the tractors today use diesel engines.

In November 24, 1904, the "77" type of steam tractors were tested for the first time, and then they were put into mass production. In 1906, tractor manufacturing company founded by Holt and produced by the gasoline engine as the power of the world's first crawler tractor, the tractor next began mass production, was the most successful tractor, after several years of development and become the first British reference tank prototype world.

In the development of wheeled tractor, the first people will widen the wheels of steel, increasing the land area, reducing the pressure, but the effect is not good, then come up with a layer of rubber protective layer to applied to the steel wheel, automobile tire after the birth, people have to use a solid and pneumatic tyre tractor. But the car tires are not fully applicable to a tractor tire is too shallow fine grooves. The two is that people find that the tractor is better than the soft ground when the gas is insufficient. In 1932, Faires, the United States, produced a large, highly patterned low pressure inflatable rubber tire with the tire and rubber companies. This is the first kind of tractor that is really suitable for agricultural tractor tires, which greatly improves the driving and traction performance of the wheeled tractor.

By the end of 40s of this century, tractors have been replaced by livestock in North America, Western Europe and Australia. After that, tractors have been popularized in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

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