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How To Develop The Potato Harvester Market In The Future

The potato market is in a high speed development stage in our country market these years, from the government's support for agricultural policy, it can be seen that the focus of industry on the time, led me to maintain a rapid economic development stage, but this stage has brought great environmental problems to our country's economic construction. In the face of environmental problems and economic problems, the government of our country began to strengthen the development of agricultural economy, this time the development of cash crops in agriculture has become a key development link.

But in this process the development of agricultural machinery has played a leading role, but our country is only caught the third industrial revolution tail, where the use of agricultural equipment and foreign countries have a certain gap, at the same time in the equipment production process is a lot of gap.

In view of the current state of use of equipment in China, our government and professionals have carried out the reform of the use of agricultural equipment, at the same time issued a series of preferential policies, as soon as possible to improve the popularization and use of agricultural equipment in China, in view of the use of agricultural equipment, some people inside and outside the industry has conducted research and put forward their own suggestions, Now let's look at the development of the potato harvester. 、

First of all, the development of agricultural potato harvester in China should be combined with the rural market in the current economic environment to ensure the efficient use of equipment.

Second, the equipment in the use of continuous and relevant technical research units to cooperate, more technology applications in the equipment.

The government then has to increase its fiscal subsidy policy in the use of potato equipment.

Finally, the development of equipment in China to keep up with the trend of the current era, energy saving and environmental protection requirements, and actively develop sophisticated equipment.

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