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Harvesting Effect Of Potato Harvester

Potatoes have other crops do not have the nutrition and medical value, the biggest potato and other food is different from the place is to be able to beauty, anti-cancer, healthy! With the increase of health consciousness, people pay more and more attention to the green nutrition and health food, the potato is a kind of food that all the world rare East and west like.

According to medical experts testing, the potato stems, leaves contain a higher health care function, with "to fill the empty Yiqi, physical fitness, benefit lung health, anti-cancer anti-aging" role, but also to enhance the immune function, improve the body disease resistance ability.

For the potato food is more, can be made into porridge, soup, pasta, snacks, fast food and so on, whether the use of that kind of food, it can give a fresh and smooth, fragrant and delicious feeling.

Introduced the advantages of potato, the following is the potato Harvester harvest potato effect.

The potato harvester in China is specially developed according to the characteristics of potato planting in China. Its operation form is spanning two ridges, receiving a ridge, the structure mainly completes the excavation, the separation manual sorting packing and so on the work procedure, and has own supporting power. Successively completed the excavation of the model, the separation of transport, power transmission and other operating environment of the program selected. The structure of the whole machine is determined from the aspects of Good's working principle and structure, which makes the potato harvester in our country have the advantages of compact structure, continuous work and strong adaptability. Among them, harvesting efficiency is extremely high, a potato harvester can complete more than 10 of people's harvest, and do not hurt the potatoes, do not leak potatoes, the rate of Ming potato can reach 100%.

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