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Why is small rotary cultivators widely used?

In practice, people generally use small rotary cultivators and walking tractors together to operate not only ploughing but also harrowing. Due to the characteristics of the small rotary cultivator with strong soil cracking ability and flat surface after tilling, it has been widely used.


Furthermore, the small rotary cultivator can cut up the roots below the surface. Thus provides a good condition and environment for the later seeding machine operation. Of course, as a user, it is important to correctly use and adjust the small rotary cultivator to maintain the original working state and ensure the quality of cultivation.


In fact, small rotary cultivator is a common driving type soil tillage machine. It mainly uses rotary blades during its operation. Therefore it is often called rotary tiller. According to the configuration of the rotary blade axis, it can be classified as two types: horizontal axis and vertical axis. In the current application situation, horizontal axis type rotary tiller is more common used. This type of machine has the strong ability of cracking soil, and it can make the soil finely ground, soil and fertilizer mix well and surface smooth to reach the requirement of planting in dry field or paddy field by one time operation. In other words, to use a small rotary cultivator will greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural work.


Considering the performance characteristics of the small rotary cultivator, people general apply it to various paddy fields and vegetable fields. It also can be used in orchards.


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