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What maintenance work is required for potato planter to be placed
No matter what kind of products in use after a certain period of time must be maintained, maintenance work, potato planter is also so, relatively speaking of this equipment maintenance, maintenance work mainly in the winter, to its work, we must first do is to remove the potato planter on all parts of the debris. The second is the complete lubrication of the relevant parts, and then the machine to rotate the machinery. Paint suet or Vaseline to prevent oxidation at various junctions of the potato planter. For some parts of the potato planter need to be removed for separate storage, the removed parts will be cleaned and dried in 60 degrees to 70 degrees of tallow or paraffin to soak for 15 minutes, so that it is fully isolated from the air, and then properly kept. These work will enable potato growers to run correctly in the next year's work.
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