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What is the crawler rotary cultivator and its technical points

A crawler rotary cultivator is a specific type of rotary tiller, and from the current point of view, there are many applications, especially for field work.


The crawler rotary cultivator adopts the crawler type walking mechanism and the tractor drive principle, and adopts an independent three-point suspension for rotary tilling operation. In addition, since the grounding area of the aluminum belt of the rotary tiller is large, the shortcoming of the passability of the wheeled tractor in the paddy field can be effectively overcome, and if the diesel engine is used as the power source, the matching different tools or tools can be used. For the rotary tilling operation, a wide ridge operation can be performed. In addition, the crawler type rotary tiller has the advantages of simple structure, multiple functions, simple and convenient operation, high work efficiency and good performance of paddy field passing.


The crawler rotary cultivator has components such as a casing, a power mechanism, a walking chassis, a gearbox assembly, a rotary tiller, a hooking knife roll assembly, a rotary slab, a hydraulic system, an operating system, and an electrical system. , are all important components, and can not be missed.



The technical points of the crawler rotary cultivator are:

(1) Combine the walking mode of the crawler tractor with the traditional rotary tiller to make the rotary tiller have good walking ability and good tillage effect. In addition, the independent transfer case output system and the standard three-point suspension are used to universally and interoperate with a variety of agricultural implements to further improve the adaptability of the implement.


(2) The track used is designed for the reinforced structure and has a chiseled back angle to enhance its climbing and reversing ability. Optimize the design of the undercarriage to improve the strength of the crawler undercarriage and, in turn, improve the performance of the rotary tiller. On the knives, a special paddle cutter for paddy fields can be used because of its low power consumption and high cutting efficiency, and the addition of an anti-graining device to improve the efficiency of the plant.

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