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What are the specific applications and characteristics of agriculture hand tractor?

A walking tractor, if it is mainly used in the agricultural industry, can be called an agriculture hand tractor, and it is also in the category of  hand tractor, so it needs to be understood and understood. Reasonable use, play the role and function of the product.


1. The nature and characteristics of agriculture hand tractor

The agriculture hand tractor is essentially a  hand tractor and a walking tractor, which is a small, flexible and powerful small tractor. In terms of attributes, it belongs to agricultural machinery, and through the power transmission of the internal combustion engine to drive the walking tractor to drive forward to complete some specific operations.


The characteristics of agriculture hand tractor are simple structure, low power, and suitable for arable land operations. In addition, it is also characterized by light weight, flexible operation and strong adaptability. The driver controls the operating mechanism by pulling the armrest frame, pulling or driving the supporting agricultural tools. Therefore, with different agricultural machinery, it can carry out various field operations such as ploughing, rotary tillage, leveling, and soil breaking. If equipped with a trailer, it can also be transported short distances.


2. The specific application of agriculture hand tractor


Application 1: It can be used with a one-way double plow to carry out the plowing operation. However, it should be noted that in order to cope with the use of the two, the problem of always moving in one direction should be avoided.

Application 2: Rotary tillage can be carried out to make agricultural tractors have good performance and use.

Application 3: Can be used in conjunction with the tractor-type planter for seeding operations, but before the seeding operation, the rotary-cut coulter and seeding head should be configured and installed as required to ensure a consistent height and agronomic requirements.

Application 4: When the harvester is configured, the harvesting operation can be performed.

Application 5: If used in conjunction with a front-mounted or rear-mounted disc trencher, it can be used for trenching, mainly to excavate the drainage ditch in the field.

Application 6: Equipped with a corresponding pump and thresher, and relying on the rotation of the diesel flywheel to drive the pump or thresher, which can be used for irrigation and threshing of wheat crops.

Application 7: If you are carrying a trailer, you can carry out field transportation operations as well as driving on the road. If the horsepower of an agriculture hand tractor is 12 horsepower, then it is usually a 1 ton single-axle small trailer with a load capacity of 1 ton. However, if you want to drive on the road, the driver needs to have a driver's license. In addition, the direction arrow and the mirror should be installed on the tractor, otherwise it will not be able to drive on the road.

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