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What are the main functions of farm walking tractor?

Farm walking tractors have different purpose, so users can use them to complete different assignments. For example, when you are doing sowing, you can use two different supporting situations. The first is to use traction seeder connected to the farm walking tractor. The other is a ZBG 1 6A rice drill, which is synchronous transmission.

However, in the process of sowing, it is easy to have a problem with the farm walking tractor unit, deviation. This is because the installation height of sowing head in the sowing direction is inconsistent or because it is asymmetrical, so it is easy to skew. To solve this problem, the user should check the technical state of the equipment before the planting operation, and ensure that the installation is highly consistent and consistent with the requirements of agronomy.

Farm walking tractors can also be used for harvesting. When harvesting, it is usually equipped with a 4GL, 130 type harvester. Similarly, in the process of harvesting operations, because of the harvester cutter gap adjustment is differ, cutting length direction or by the resistance of different, such as size, may also result in different stubble height in harvest .At this time, we need to take corresponding measures according to specific reasons.

In the process of using farm walking tractor to do the ditching operation, it is usually carried out with the front or rear type small disc ditcher. It is usually used to dig the drainage ditch in the field. Before ditching operation, it is best to check and correct the knife plate and rack.

In addition, we can also use the farm walking tractor to match the corresponding pumps and threshing machines for irrigation and threshing, or to match the appropriate trailer to do field transportation. In conclusion, farm walking tractor has a wide application in practice, which can help users solve different problems. 

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