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Walking tractors are very popular with farmers
As small and lightweight tractor equipment, walking tractors are especially popular among farmers in various towns. Walking tractor is actually a kind of transportation tool and agricultural machinery, the equipment is powered by diesel engine, because it is more flexible and convenient and powerful, so it is widely used.


While driving the tractor, the operation is mainly relies on the power provided by its internal combustion engine. The drive system is then driven to get the driving wheel the torque, with the tread and the surface of the tire to give the ground small, backward horizontal forces. At the same time, the reaction force is the driving force that drives the tractor forward. It can be called propulsion.


Since the structure of the tractor is relatively simple and the power is small, it is usually used for small plots of arable land. During the operation, the driver can control the steering mechanism, pull or drive the supporting tools for the operation. According to the power size classification, then it mainly can be divided into three levels: the first is a power under 2.2 kw, the second is between 2.2 to 4.5 kw, and the third is 5 to 13 kw.


In addition, the tractor can also be classified according to the performance, which can be divided in to driver, traction and dual-type. Usually, people use a driving tractor to work with the rotary tiller, so it is often referred as the power tiller. And the traction type is mainly work with traction type farming tools.


Another so-called dual type walking tractor is not only available for rotary cultivator work, but also can be used with traction farming tools. In addition, it can be equipped with a trailer for transportation. If classified by the walking device, walking tractor can be divided into wheeled, crawler and tillage three types.

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