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Walking tractor traction One-way double plough work
Tractor Traction One-way double plough work, one side of the driving wheel in the field, the other side of the driving wheel in the ditch, the two-wheel and the ground between the adhesion coefficient, skidding rate varies, resulting in the unit often to a direction. For the Dongfeng 112 type walking tractor can be adjusted to solve the following: Adjust the traction rack around two adjustment screws and the middle of the gap between the value (Swing gap), 681-way double Hua plow to around 1.5mm, 1LS 1220-type and 701-way dual-hua Plough is transferred to 5 mm around. In the process of ploughing, if the tractor is still on the right side, two fastening screws can be loosened, the left adjustment screw is short, and the extended part of the right screw is screwed. Until the release of the handrail unit can travel along the groove wall normal.

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