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Walking Tractor sowing homework

When the tractor is sowing the work. More than 2 kinds of matching situation: First, the hand tractor

An introduction planter. such as ABQ type 18 grain seeder; the second is synchronous transmission of ZBG 16 A-type rice-wheat drilling machine. The main reason for the deviation of the unit in seeding operation is that the height of the seeding head (or ditching device) is inconsistent or asymmetrical in the direction of sowing, and the error or fracture is occurred when the cutter is configured and installed, and the impact of the traction frame is distorted. For the reasons mentioned above. Sowing the work in the direction of the amplitude of the resistance, resulting in torsion torque, causing the unit to sail. Therefore, before sowing the work, should carefully check the planter technical status, according to the stipulation configuration and the installment rotary Cutter, the sowing head (or the ditching device) should be symmetrical disposition. Ensure the installation is highly consistent and in line with agronomic requirements.

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