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Walking Tractor Parts Removal, Cleaning and Assembly

Before removing the parts of the walking tractor, it is necessary to understand the construction principle and clear the removal purpose, so as to avoid machine damage. Usually, the disassembly sequence is from outside to inside, from the attachment to the main engine, which is first disassemble it into assembly, then from assembly to parts by parts. At the same time, the vulnerable parts should be removed first. this not only can reduce the labor, but also can avoid bad effect of disassembling the machine.


After removing the parts of the walking tractor, the removed parts should be well stored, not be piled up, the not-interchangeable parts should be grouped separately. Then can start cleaning the parts. The cleaning is mainly to remove impurities such as grease, scale and carbon impurities.


When cleaning the grease of the walking tractor, it is usually start from the precision parts, then the ordinary parts. First wash the inside and then the outside. For spare parts, try to clean them separately to avoid confusion. After cleaning, all the parts should be well kept so as not to get dirty again.


After finishing the cleaning, all the parts need to be assembled into the walking tractor. During the assembly, should keep the parts clean. It is important to note that the quality of the parts before and during assembly, to avoid assembling defective parts.


The walking tractor should be assembled in order, generally in reverse of the assembly, from inside to outside, from parts to the whole. The assembled machine can be put into use after testing.

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