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Walking tractor matching rotary cultivator practical operation precautions

As a user, first of all, we should do a good job of checking the various components of the rotary cultivators equipped with the auxiliary tractor. Although the machine has been factory-tested before shipment, loosening of the connection is unavoidable during transportation and handling. Therefore, we need to fasten each connector in time to ensure reliable operation of various components of the rotary cultivator for hand-held tractors. In particular, the steering system, brake system, suspension, and wheels must be checked carefully.


Secondly, we must pay attention to checking the level of the rotary cultivator and the oil on the hand-held tractor, mainly to check the fuel tank oil level, water tank surface, oil surface, transmission and rear axle lubricant oil level, and the battery electrolyte level. This is mainly to ensure the stability of the rotary cultivator in the later operations.


Furthermore, in actual operation, attention should be paid to the running-in of the rotary tractor and the tractor connected with the walking tractor. The running-in is an important means for extending the service life of the tractor. As we all know, after the parts are processed, they all have different levels of processing marks on the surface. If you carry out a heavy load operation without adding wear, it is likely to cause damage to components and even cause serious wear of parts.


In this way, it is bound to have an adverse effect on the service life of the rotary cultivators equipped with the auxiliary tractors. The main function of running-in is to gradually grind and smooth the rough and uneven friction surface, obtain a smooth and hard pressure bearing surface, and get the most suitable fit clearance, so that the tractor can withstand the operation of the rotary tiller and can withstand it. Load, and lay a good foundation for prolonging service life.


Of course, the selection of blades for rotary cultivators for hand-held tractors is also very important, and it is usually required to install them according to different work sites. Mainly include conventional operations, rotary tilling and trenching combined operations, tillage turning operations. Before and after the cultivator tiller is supported by the walking tractor, horizontal adjustment, horizontal adjustment, and height adjustment are performed respectively to ensure uniform tillage depth, good working conditions, and work safety.

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