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Use the Dongfeng walking tractor to achieve -three in place

Dongfeng type walking tractor with its simple operation, flexibility, high efficacy, wide use and low price, is favored by farmers. However, to truly play its superior performance, it needs to be "three in place" during the period of use. Do you know what that includes?


First of all, after the new purchase of dongfeng type walking tractor, to ensure that the grinding is in place. Some users think new machine running-in is waste of time and waste oil. There are some friends think new machine running-in is very troublesome, and they are not clear about the concept of running-in. So they do not pay attention to this problem. But experts believe that the so-called new machine running-in is a gradual process. Therefore, in the process of running-in must start with low speed, low gears and low load.


Then combined with the actual operation state of the dongfeng walking tractor, the speed and load are gradually increased. The main reason for the grinding is to gradually grind out the uneven parts of the equipment to the surface in order to ensure good technical conditions and lubrication conditions. This will provide a good basis for the normal use and extended life of the machine.


The second is to pay attention to the steps in place. In fact, if the operation method is not in place when dongfeng type walking tractor is in use, it also can cause some unexpected problems. Be careful not to overwork in daily use. If the equipment appears black smoke, it should be shift down in time.


The third is to ensure that daily maintenance is in place. Since the working environment of the dongfeng walking tractor is very bad, it is very important to strengthen the maintenance. During the working period, the oil, mud and water will be affected by the vibration of the parts, and some parts will be worn, loosened or corroded. Only with good maintenance, the performance of dongfeng type walking tractor can be improved, can be efficient, high quality, low consumption, and safe for agricultural production services.

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