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Unexpected effect achieved by adding and reducing gasket of the agricultural walking tractor

Sometimes, properly adding or reducing gasket while maintaining the walking tractor can achieve desirable effect. First, speaking of the diesel engine gasket increase and reduce, the adjustment of the diesel oil supply time of the single plunger pump for high pressure oil pump will be realized directly by adding and reducing gaskets.


For agricultural walking tractor’s oil pump upgrade or the lower balance shaft, sometimes the connect between the rabbet of the oil pump’s internal and external rotor shaft and the groove of the lower balance shaft is too tight (due to the un-sufficient shaft groove depth), tighten the oil pump, rotor shaft fixes the lower balance shaft. At this time, should pay attention to add the appropriate gasket, until the lower balance shaft can rotate freely.


When the main bearing cover of the walking tractor is replaced with new crankshaft, main bearing of cover etc., sometimes, the crankshaft can be too tight. When push or pull freewheel, there is no free space. At this moment, should pay attention to add bearing cover gasket. In this way, you should add 1mm thick gasket between the side plate and the thrust bearing.


Sometimes the gasket is too thick, can’t accelerate, not able to reach wanted speed, should reduce the suitable gasket. Maybe due to the error in the casting, sometimes the new cylinder head cover’s reducing shaft head will push the valve, which will cause the cylinder to have no compression. This problem can be solved by adding gasket to the cylinder cover.


When updating with new drive shaft or bearing seat, the drive shaft sometimes may = be too tight, especially in the tapered roller bearing, it is tighter. At this time, should add appropriate amount of gasket to the walking tractor. Some springs in the gearbox have been working too long, the spring has become shorter and softer, or a small amount are broken, the automatic stripper situation can happen.

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