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Understanding and Start-up Two-wheel Tractors

The Two-wheel Walking Tractor is a typical miniature tractor. It is usually used as a transportation tool or agricultural machinery in domestic villages and towns. Most of the Two-wheel Walking Tractors are powered by diesel engines. Its small, flexible and powerful features make it very popular among farmers.

When the Two-wheel Walking Tractor is running, it relies on the power of the internal combustion engine, transferred to reach the driving wheel through the transmission system, and the driving wheel enables the tractor to obtain the driving force for driving forward. Because of this, it can be found that the Two-wheel Walking Tractor has a simple structure and low power and is suitable for small field.


Compared to some other large tractors, the Two-wheel Walking Tractor is basically operated by the driver holding a handrail to control, tow or drive the attachment tools. The excellent auxiliary effect enables it to have a long-term existence value in the countryside.


Some farmers do not know how to start Two-wheel Walking Tractors. In fact, it is very simple. Two-wheel Walking Tractors will be equipped with Z-type starters, and they will also be the starting keys for tractors. Just put the Z-type starter in the rocking slot.


To start the Two-wheel tractor, it requires strong strength person. The right way is to press the compressor with your left hand, stand firmly on your feet, center your weight at the waist, and stir the starter with your right hand.


It should be noted that there should be a proper distance between the body and the Two-wheel Walking Tractor. Before completely start, quickly pull out the starter in the right direction. The moment of the completion of the start is also the most dangerous, and attention should be paid. Do not hit yourself. This section must be done under the supervision of a skilled person to avoid unnecessary injury.

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