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Two-wheeled Walking Tractor Shopping Tips

As a user we need to choose a suitable two-wheeled walking tractor. So, what we need to consider when we choosing the tractor in the market? At first, we need to inspect the appearance, especially the coating quality and parts quality. And check to see if the paint on its surface is bright and even.

Normally, there is no leakage, peeling, or rust problems in the good product of two-wheeled walking tractor, and the external parts should be intact. Not only that, the surface of each casting should be smooth, no racks, the welding seams are firm and smooth. Secondly, some important parts should be check whether the joints bolts are complete and reliable, and no oil leakage can be found.

Next, we should pay attention to the instruments and lamps, check if they are in good condition. To do this, you can turn on the engine’s pressure lever and slowly start the engine. Check the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicator to see if there is any pressure read.

When choosing the two-wheeled walking tractor, the engine performance is the most important thing to check. Note that, before starting the engine, we should check the engine oil, the oil level of the gear lubricant, and whether there are fuel and cooling water. The machine can be start only if everything is confirmed normal. In addition, the safety protection devices should been taken into consideration, as they are related to users’ personal safety.

At last, when we make the decision of the two-wheeled walking tractor, we also need to check the related technical files and items according to the packing list. And check if the verification certificate is match to the serial number. Meanwhile, we should ask the sales department to issue the invoice.

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