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Two wheel walking tractor product selection and inspection of important parts

The two wheel walking tractor is a walking tractor with only two tires. However, from the perspective of property, it is still a walking tractor, so it needs to have a deep understanding in order to achieve the correct and rational use.


1. Purchase of two wheel walking tractor

The purchase of products for two wheel walking tractor is an important task, because if the right products are not selected, it will affect the normal use of the products and their use, and it may also result in product waste and economics. Loss, therefore, should be treated and carried out seriously, and considered comprehensive, to ensure that there is a correct choice.


In the purchase considerations of the product, there are some factors that must be considered, such as the origin of the product, detailed parameters, performance indicators, real-time quotes and price quotes, after-sales service of the manufacturer and the product. In addition, if necessary, it may take into account the product use environment and usage requirements, etc., to help the correct purchase of the product.


2. Are the two wheel walking tractor different models or output horsepower, are there different product prices?

Two wheel walking tractor, which can have different models and output horsepower, and these two, will affect the price of the product, that is, the specific price of the two wheel walking tractor. Moreover, different models or output horsepower, the price of the corresponding product is not the same. In addition, it is also necessary to know that the output horsepower of the two-wheeled walking tractor is proportional to the price, that is, the greater the output horsepower, the higher the price of the product.


3. Inspection of important parts during the purchase of two wheel walking tractor

Two-wheeled walking tractors, when carrying out product purchasing work, need to carry out inspections on some important parts and components to ensure that they can be used normally, and then ensure that the walking tractor can be used normally, so, next, For a brief explanation and explanation.


(1) Important parts such as engine and engine body, engine cylinder head, oil pipe joint, drive wheel, frame and gearbox should be carefully and thoroughly inspected. Is the connecting bolt tight and leaking or leaking? And other issues.

(2) The engine pressure reducing lever can be turned on, and the engine is slowly shaken to see if the pressure on the pressure gauge increases.

(3) Pull the clutch handle and put it in the “separated” position. The separation should be thorough. In the “combined” position, the slipping phenomenon should not occur. In the “brake” position, the tire can be pushed in place to check the brake. Is it reliable and effective?

(4) The engine of the two-wheeled walking tractor, which is an important component, and is generally checked for operation after starting. However, before starting the engine, check the oil, gear oil, fuel and cooling water for any abnormalities or problems. Wait until all the inspections have no problems before starting the inspection, mainly to check whether the startup is normal and whether the color of the discharged color is normal.

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