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Two-wheel tractor's banding dustproof and maintenance advantages

When the two-wheel tractor is dismantling the injector, it is necessary to clean the injector and put it into clean diesel. Under normal circumstances, loosening the adjustment screw requires a cork to block the injector chamber. Fill the axle box with oil. Take 1kg of dehydration oil, pour into the crankcase, and then turn the crankshaft a few turns to make the lubrication system full of dehydration oil.


The parts of the two-wheel tractor are polyester and oil. When carrying out the operation, it is necessary to apply the dehydration oil to the fastening parts such as the rocker arm, the high pressure oil pipe, the fuel injection, the bolt and the nut to prevent rust. Lubricate well. According to the overall lubrication requirements of the tractor, select the lubricating oil that meets the standard for full lubrication.


The two-wheeled tractor needs to be bandaged and dustproof, so that the air filter, exhaust pipe, water tank mouth and fuel tank port of the engine can be easily put into the dust, and bundled with plastic cloth or oil paper. To prevent entry of debris and dust.

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