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The turning principle of farm walking tractors and the turning skills under different working conditions

The farm walking tractor can realize flexible steering during the operation, and its steering mainly depends on the clutch of the left and right handrails, which is different from the steering wheel. When any of the left and right clutches are separated, the corresponding wheel is stationary or the speed is decreased, and the other wheel speed is unchanged, thereby achieving the purpose of steering.


Under different working conditions, the turning operation of the farm walking tractor is also different. When it is turning uphill, the steering should be performed by intermittently kneading the steering handle. When turning to the right, pinch the right to the handle; when turning to the left, pinch the left to the handle; at the same time use the steering wheel to turn.


When the farm tractor steers downhill, the reverse operation is generally used to achieve steering, but when the slope is small and long, the road surface is smooth and flat, the slope is slowed down at a low speed, and the tail wheel is used for steering; the slope is large When using a small throttle, try to reduce the speed of the car and use the steering clutch and the guide wheel to operate.


If the farm tractor wants to make a continuous turn, it is necessary to take the corresponding driving method to turn according to the specific conditions of different bends. When passing the first curve, consider the second curve to avoid the opportunity to miss the turn.

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