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The structure of mini tiller

Mini tiller uses gasoline engine or small diesel engine as the main power. Its characteristics are light weight, small size and simple structure. This kind of machine is widely used in hilly dry land, paddy field, plains, and mountains and so on.


Mini tiller can be used for pumping, spraying, generating electricity when matching with related implements. To a certain extent, it can also be matched with trailer for short-distance transportation. Mini tiller can be freely exercised in the field, making it easy for users to use and store, which avoids the trouble that large agricultural machinery cannot access into mountain field. It is the best choice for farmers to replace cow plough.


Mini tiller overall structure is compact. The parameters in the process of operating the fast gear, low gear and reverse gear are reasonable. Usually use F178, F186 air-cooled diesel engine as power when operating.


The weight of mini tiller is normally about 100 kg. The cultivation effect is good, high efficiency, wide applicable scope. It is the most popular of the best-selling models on the market at present and accepted by most of users.


The mini tiller is usually powered by general gasoline engine or small water-cooled diesel engine, and the machine is light and easy to transfer. Because of the belt transmission, the impact of the power mechanism can be reduced, which has a certain protective effect on the engine.

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