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The structural composition and outstanding features of the walking tractor trencher

The walking tractor matched trencher is a highly efficient and practical trenching device, which is mainly composed of a power system, a speed reduction system, a chain transmission system and a soil separation system. After the diesel engine transmits the rotation to the clutch through the belt, the traveling gearbox, the transmission shaft, the rear axle and the like are driven to realize the forward or backward linear motion of the chain trencher.


The components of the walking tractor supporting the trenching machine include a transmission component, a clutch assembly, a cutter head, a depth adjusting device, a frame assembly, a tensioning wheel device, an operating mechanism, a belt guard and a dividing plate, among which The frame is welded by steel baffles and channel steel, which changes the heavy weight of the cast iron frame in the past, and replaces the conventional jaw-type rigid clutch with a pressure plate friction clutch to make the clutch smooth.


In addition, the walking tractor matched trenching machine also uses belt conveyor instead of sprocket transmission, etc., and a dividing board is installed between the frame baffle and the tractor handrail lifting ear, so that the whole machine has small volume and light weight. The utility model has the advantages of high strength and good use performance, and is widely applicable to the ditch drainage of the soil field of various conditions, the cover species of rice and wheat no-tillage sowing.

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