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The steering and connection of the Dongfeng Walking Tractor

Due to the many advantages of the Dongfeng Walking Tractor, it is loved by many consumers in the market. By comparison, Dongfeng Walking Tractor is small in size, light weight, simple structure, at the same time, it has good adaptability to different land, and thus become the important tool of field operation and road transport.

In the practical application, whether the Dongfeng Walking Tractor can exert its maximum performance depends on user’s operation ability. In general, when working in field, due to the slow speed, it is not easy to have accidents. While in the road transport; attention should be paid to the steering and connection problems.


First, the steering problem: in fact, Dongfeng Walking Tractor’s steering system has two major components, the armrest frame and the steering clutch. Steering clutch generally adopts the rigid meshing sleeve, which is installed on both sides of the central drive gear in the transmission box and controls the steering hand under the handrail. While in use, pay particular attention to the steering problem during downhill. If you need to turn to one side, hold on to the other side of the steering hand. For example, when you need to turn to the left, the hand needs to hold on to the right steering hand to make the turn.

Another thing is the connection problem. Usually, the connection between a tractor’s locomotive and a bucket is achieved through a connection pin. This connection pin plays an important role in the safety of driving. In order to ensure safe use, users need to check regularly during the use of the Dongfeng Walking Tractor to ensure that the connection parts are in good condition. In this way, it will be able to achieve the excellent performance of Dongfeng Waling Tractor.

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