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The role and application characteristics of single plough furrow plow

The single plough furrow plow is one of the farm work tools for small walking tractors. If you do not make the correct adjustments and operations, it will affect the actual effect.

In other words, the correctness of the adjustment is the premise and key to determine the quality of the plowing operation.

The single plough furrow plow can loosen the hard soil under the fruit trees for easy fertilization.

For the user, the use of a single plough furrow plow will enable faster farmland operations, replacing the traditional and cumbersome farming practices of the past.

The device has excellent overall performance, excellent quality, simple operation, complete supporting agricultural machinery, wide application range, and its operation in orchards, greenhouses, terraces, slopes and other areas, as well as cultivating cash crops such as cotton, corn, grapes and seedlings.

In addition, in the operations of planting ginger, ginger and potato excavation, it can highlight the unique performance advantages of the single furrow plow.

It is small in size, powerful, and versatile, and has no substitute for other products.

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