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The Ploughing, Rotary Tillage and Harvest Work done by Walking Tractor

With the popularization and mechanization of agricultural all around the world, it’s the time that we pay attention to widely use of the walking tractor. The walking tractor can achieve the ploughing, rotary tillage and harvesting work.


Walking tractor can realize plough work:

When the walking tractor work with sing-direction double-blade plough, one side of the drive wheels is on arable land, the other side is in the furrow, the adhesion coefficient of the two wheels between the ground are different, and the slip rate are also different, which lead to deviation. For DF-12 type walking tractor, can adjust the gap value between the two adjusting screw and the in-between connection frame, 1.5mm for type 681 single-direction double-blade plough, 5mm for type 1LS-220.


While in ploughing, if the walking tractor is right sided deviation, at this time, should pay attention to loosen the two fastening screws, and then screw short the spin out part of the left adjusting screw, screw long the out part of the right screw until the walking tractor can drive normally when go off the handles.


The Walking Tractor can do rotary tillage work:


The problems that may cause deviation when the walking tractor is doing the rotary tillage work. The tail wheel shape changed, tail shaft is not been assembled at the right position, and there is deflection at the tail wheel, bearing damage or serious wear and tear, blades miss assembled, fracture and fall off.


When the deviation happen to the walking tractor, at that time, must pay attention to the specific situation to the related parts and then correct, repair, reassemble or replace them. Then, when the walking tractor is in use, before solving the deviation problem, should not use the steering clutch to correct, which is to use push-pall handles to refctify.

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