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The operation requirements of transporting tractors and their own product advantages

Since the transport tractor can carry a trailer, it can be transported either in the field or on the road, provided that the transport tractor is equipped with a matching trailer. As the operator of the transport tractor, it is necessary to master the relevant operating skills and pass the corresponding examinations to ensure the safety of the transport tractor during use.


What we see again is the transport tractor's own advantages. Its front cover is designed with a forward-inclined streamline design, which not only caters to the user's visual experience, but also provides users with a wider working field of view; the whole equipment adopts lightweight design, which is very conducive to the operation in paddy field. The wet performance is strong and the advantages are obvious. The same dry field operation can be used as needed.


The engine of the transport tractor has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, durability, convenient maintenance, etc. Compared with the equivalent horsepower tractor on the market, it can save 15%-20% fuel, which can greatly save the user's cost in the current rising fuel price.

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