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The operation of rotary tiller

While using the rotary tiller fitted on the walking tractor, it is mainly used to complete the task of ploughing and harrowing. The rotary cultivator fitted on the walking tractor has the strong ability to break the soil leaving a flat surface, at the same time, it can break the root buried below the surface.

When using the walking tractor fitted with rotary tiller, at the beginning of the work, should lift the cultivator, combine to the power output shaft first, so that we can increase the tiller’s speed to a rated speed, then put down the cultivator making the blade gradually into the soil to the required depth. It is strictly forbidden to combine power output after the blade enters the soil or suddenly drop the rotary tiller. That is to prevent blend or break the blade and increase the load of the tractor.

When in use, should keep the tractor and the cultivator at a low speed, so we can guarantee the quality of its work, can finely break the soil and reduce the wear of the parts. Pay attention to the noise or metal tapping on the tiller, observe the ground and the depth of the ploughing. Any abnormal happen, should stop immediately for inspection, operation can be continued after problem solved.


When turning in the field, it is forbidden to use the tiller. Should lift the tiller, make the blade leave the soil; reduce the speed of the tractor to avoid blade damage. When lifting the tiller, the tilt angle of the joint shall be less than 30 degrees. Too large will cause noise and causing wear of damage. When reversing, ridging and moving between land, the rotary till should be lifted to the highest position and cut off the power to avoid damage. If moving far, use a locking device to secure the rotary tiller.

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