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The lubrication and dust-proof of the working tractor when not in use for a long time

The walking tractor should be lubricated carefully, according to the lubrication requirement, should choose the standard lubricating oil to lubricate the machine; To proof the walking tractor against dust, should pay attention to tie up the engine air filter, flue, water tank mouth, fuel tank mouth and other places which easily to get dust in with plastic paper or oil paper tightly to prevent dust.

Dustproof of the walking tractor: should keep storage cell’s ventilation hole clear, because the battery will produce hydrogen and oxygen while using, it may burst if the air hole is blocked. Secondly, pay attention to the battery liquid level, the normal liquid level should be 10 ~15mm above the plate. Unused batteries should be kept in a cool, ventilated place.


The mechanics of the walking tractor should be properly maintained. Apply adequate amount of machine oil( oil heated to around 130℃) to the inlet pipe, rotate the crankshaft, making the oil adhesion on the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner, and the valve. After that, it is important to note that the piston must be rolled to the position of compression, so that the valve springs, putters and other parts can be prevented from being compressed for a long time.

When the walking is in a long-term storage, be attention to remove the injector. After cleaning the injector, put it in the clean diesel oil. After that, adjust the loosing screw and plug the oil injector hole with the cork.

Also need to pay attention to the axle box filling. Take 1kg dewatering machine oil and pour it into the crankcase, then roll the crankshaft several times, so that the lubricating system is full of dewatering machine oil; also pay attention to lubricate the parts, the rocker arm the high-pressure oil pipe, the nozzle, bolts and nuts and other fastening parts, all coated with oil, to prevent rust.

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