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The function of mini trencher for power tiller

The small trencher can be used in conjunction with a power tiller to work in the field for cultivating and trenching, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing manual work intensity.


The small trencher can well drain the drainage of the farmland, and install a sharp knife on the tiller to carry out the trenching. The main shaft of the trencher is fixed in the shell through the bearing, and the power tooth is installed on one end of the spindle. At the other end, the bevel gear is connected to the passive shaft. At the lower end of the driven shaft, the propeller is fixed, and on the mud bracket on the side of the propeller, the mud is fixed. With these components, the small trencher can be operated smoothly. Moreover, it can replace manual trenching and improve work efficiency. In addition, the depth of the trench can be adjusted.

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