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The Features of Classic Walking Tractor

The classic walking tractor is compact in structure, is not only strong, durable and reliable, but also flexible and easy to operate. In addition, the classic walking tractor has strong horsepower and high efficiency, which can meet different farming requirements. Therefore, it is popular among many users.

In practical application, we can use classic walking tractor with other framing tools together, in order to do the plough, rotary, ditching, seeding, transportation and other jobs. Apart from that, the machine can also be used as the driving force for fixed operation such as drainage irrigation, sprinkling irrigation, threshing, grinding and feed processing.

So far, the classic walking tractor has been able to meet the requirement in different areas, whether it’s mountainous area, plain or even hilly region, dry or paddy fields. With different attached tools, the walking tractor can complete different jobs. It can also be used to pull trailers as short distance transportation. If it is equipped with lighting, it can be driven at night.

In general, the classic walking tractor has been widely used for its many advantages. In the field of agricultural machinery, the classic walking tractor plays an important role, which provides practical help for users.

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