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The features and types of Tractor Potato Harvester

After years of analysis, the application result of the Tractor Potato Harvester is ideal, and it is suitable for all kinds of soil. At the same time, the Tractor Potato Harvester can also harvest sweet potato, ginger, garlic, onion taro and so on.


The features of Tractor Potato Harvester:

1. Quick soil leakage, no peeling of crop, neatly laid, high efficiency.

2. Clean film recycle, non-block, smooth harvest process

3. The conveyor chain is made of special material and durable

4. Can be used in a wide variety of soils

5. Light frame structure, durable and easy to install


In addition, as some Walking Tractor Potato Harvester belong to the gearbox interface connection type, therefore need to remove the suspension to reveal the gearbox interface, then connect and fasten the connection. The dimension of the product usually include a square 140*140mm and a rectangle 110*170mm. Users can choose based on their own situation.


There is also some Walking Tractor Potato Harvester belongs to the suspension connection type, which is usually used with the Walking Tractor with no gearbox. Insert the hanging wall pin shaft of the tool into the hanging arm hole of the tractor, pin the latch, and link the hanging arm and tractor central pull rod.


While users are using the Walking Tractor Potato Harvester, can adjust the depth of the tool via rotating the central bar, fix the gearbox onto tractor’s output shaft, install shaft gear and hang the chain. Then connect the Tractor Potato Harvester gearbox with the split gearbox and the turning arm.

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