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The development of the tractor market

It shows that the tractor market in China has run smoothly in 2010 and presents a lot of new features. The total industrial output value and sales revenue reached 34 billion 813 million yuan and 40 billion 23 million yuan, respectively. At the same time, the export delivery value continued to maintain strong growth momentum, the domestic large and medium-sized tractor market demand continued high operation, but the growth rate slowed down, the demand continued to expand to the big horsepower direction. The small tractor market continued to rise in the two digit range.

On the other hand, the market demand in each region is uneven, brand competition is increasingly fierce, and the market concentration is further improved. However, compared with the developed countries and regions such as Europe and America, the degree of saturation is not reached. In addition, the backward product structure and performance is a common problem of tractor products in China. The level of technology needs to be improved. Meanwhile, the quality problems caused by market disorder and disorderly competition also show that the quality of tractor products in China needs to be improved.

From the requirements of the national development strategy of agricultural mechanization, the Agricultural Mechanization Development in China is in the middle stage, mechanized farming income level of just over 50%, according to the "opinions" of the State Council on accelerating agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry fast development, by 2020, China's crop farming income comprehensive agricultural mechanization to more than 65%. In other words, at present, the development of agricultural machinery industry in China and the national agricultural mechanization development strategic requirements, there is still a big gap. As the power source of agricultural machinery products, the market demand of the tractor is still very large.

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