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The design and operation efficiency of the farm hand-held tractor after rotary tillage

In the process of making the farm walking tractor, the design of the rotary tiller is adopted, and the reinforced chassis is added, and the famous brand engine. The combination of the Trinity is more conducive to the service life of the small hand-held rotary tiller. And the quality is still very stable. A machine generally has 2-3 mu of land, and the beginner is generally 1.5-2 mu/hour. It is fuel-efficient and durable. The real benefits allow the user to support the traction and drive. The structure is compact, durable and reliable, flexible in operation, good in passability, and equipped with riding equipment.


Farm hand-held tractors are more horsepower and more efficient, and are more suitable for use in paddy fields and in orchards, vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens and hilly areas when used. Plowing, rotary tilling, rotary fielding, trenching, sowing, transportation and other operations can be carried out with the corresponding agricultural implements and accessories. It can also be used as the driving force for fixed operations such as irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, threshing, milling, and feed processing.


The structure of the farm walking tractor is simple and compact, and it is light and flexible, light in weight, reliable in use, convenient in maintenance and good in passability. The machine is widely used in water and dryland operations in plain mountainous areas and hilly areas, and can be used for ploughing, rotary tillage, harvesting, sowing, fielding, pumping, etc. with the corresponding agricultural machinery; the tractor can be towed for short-distance transportation, and Equipped with lighting for driving at night.

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