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The application of Two-wheel Walking Tractor in agricultural production

Although it seems that the Two-wheel Walking Tractor is a small tractor, its use is very extensive. It can not only be used for ploughing and sowing operations, but also can play an important role in farmers’ harvesting, trenching, irrigation and threshing operations, and also transportation operations.


When the Two-wheel Walking Tractor pulls the one way double blow, one side drive wheel is on the uncultivated land, and the other wheel is in the furrow. The adhesion coefficient between the two wheels and the ground is different, and the slip ration is different. The machine often diverts in one direction. At this time, the two fastening screws can be loosened, the extension of the left adjustment screw can be rotated shorter, and the extension of the right screw can be rotated longer. Until when the armrests are released, the tractor can travel normally along the trench wall.


Before using the Two-wheel Walking Tractor to do the sowing operation, the technical state of the sowing machine should be carefully checked, and the rotary cutting coulter should be configured and installed as required. The sowing head should be symmetrically configured. Ensure that the installation height is consistent and agronomic, so that the machine can effectively avoid failure during the sowing process.


Generally, two-wheel walking tractors are mainly equipped with front-mounted or rear-mounted small-disc type trenchers, which are used for digging field trains. Before starting work, attention should be paid to checking and correcting the cutter head and frame; at the same time, the rotary cutter should be properly installed, and the position of the cutter head should be carefully adjusted. Found that the coulter broken, failing off, should immediately stop the engine, replace parts.


In addition, the two-wheel walking tractor can also be equipped with a pump and thresher. The diesel engine flywheel belt connects the water pump or the thresher, and depending on the rotation of the diesel flywheel, the water pump or the thresher can be used for irrigation and threshing crops like wheat.


In addition, two-wheel tractors with trailers can do both field transportation and road transportation. The 12-horsepower walking tractor is equipped with 1-ton single-axle small trailers. It’s maximum load is 1 ton. Drivers who participate in road transport operations must pass the examination of the local traffic management department and issue a driving license before driving.

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