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The Advantages of Crawler Rotary Cultivator

As the land circulation, ruralize construction, family farming and large scale plating, making the demand for large agricultural machinery is becoming more and more. Farmers require more of modern farming machinery. Crawler Rotary Cultivator is created at this time.


If traditional wheeled tractors are more efficient, their large tires can seriously damage the mud, causing leakage, which is not suitable for farmland protection. Crawler Rotary Cultivator is different, it uses the crawler walking mechanism, tractor drive principle, uses three independent suspension, is original creation, also is a functional integration of a variety of farming machinery, combines the advantages of all kinds of models.


The Crawler Rotary Cultivator is light, and ground contact area is large, which compensates the lack of performance of the wheeled tractor in paddy field. With diesel engine as the driving force, different machine tools or blades can be used for rotary tillage operation.


In together, the Crawler Rotary Cultivator is characterized by simple structure, multiple function, high efficiency, convenient operation and good performance for paddy field. The whole equipment includes casing, power, walking chassis, transmission assembly, rotary cultivator, blades assembly, mud fender, hydraulic, electrical system and other parts. It can do efficient cultivation of farmland.


Let’s learn about the technical parameters of the Crawler Rotary Cultivator. Its supporting power is basically 30-75KW. The fuel consumption will not exceed 17.63kg/h; the area of actual tillage is about 300-2300mm, and the depth can be more than 8cm, which can meet the daily needs.

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