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Technical Requirements for potato harvester

Potato harvest itself is under the constraints of the growth of potatoes, in the process of harvesting potatoes easy to dig not clean, more soil, potato chips broken phenomenon, in order to improve operational efficiency, increase economic benefits, potato harvester should have the following technical requirements:

1. NET digging rate: In order to adapt to the agronomic conditions of potato planting, the depth of digging of potato harvester should be able to fully excavate all potatoes, and there will be no breakage of potato.

2, Ming potato rate: Potato harvester should have a good separation mechanism, can separate potato chips and soil, and the separation of potato chips continue to be transported back to facilitate the manual pick-up work, potato harvester should be good for the rate of the potato, should not appear in the soil surrounded by potatoes phenomenon.

3, Productivity: Potato harvester is to reduce labor intensity, improve productivity, timely harvesting, so potato operations should have a certain amount of work speed, maximize productivity.

4, breakage rate: Potato harvest should try to reduce the loss of potato skin, cut injury, damage rate should be less than 5%.

Potato harvester should be in minimizing the consumption of their own labor conditions, should have efficient harvesting speed, should be able to carry out the harvest.

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