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Steering wheel walking tractor trailer structure and characteristics

The steering wheel walking tractor combines a steering wheel tractor with a walking tractor to obtain a new type of tractor. Therefore, it belongs to the tractor and has the advantages of a steering wheel tractor and a walking tractor. In addition, you need to know and understand the steering wheel tractor tractor to operate the steering wheel tractor.


The steering wheel is a tractor trailer. From a professional point of view, it is a walking tractor trailer with a steering wheel installed to solve the problem of inflexible steering of traditional walking tractors, and can solve the problem of single transportation only. .


The steering wheel hand-held tractor trailer has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, simple and convenient use, safety and reliability, flexible operation, and dumping and self-unloading.


In terms of composition, there are steering bracket, T-type traction shaft, bearing, connecting frame, fixing plate, bearing gland, top wire, lock nut, clutch cable, steering clutch pedal, universal joint, steering wheel, trailer chassis , rear box hinge shaft, trunk rear pillar, leaf spring rear seat, leaf spring assembly, leaf spring front seat, bolt, frame chassis, steering wheel, steering rocker, nut, roller bearing, traction bearing seat, steering rod , reinforcing plate, reinforcing beam, rear box outer frame, rear box plate ear plate, rear box plate hook, rear box plate, self-unloading hook, lower hinged sleeve, lower hinged shaft, rear box hook set, wheel, Steering beams, pins, slats, driving floors, housings, steering shafts, ball bearings and sprockets.


The structural features of the steering wheel walking tractor trailer are:

(1) The upper and lower ends of the connecting frame are connected with a T-shaped traction shaft equipped with a tapered roller bearing, and a top wire is arranged on the upper part of the T-shaped traction shaft, and passes through the fixing plate to act on the bearing gland for Adjust the bearing clearance so that it has the proper clearance. In addition, the lateral end of the T-type traction shaft is fixed by a tapered roller bearing and a traction bearing housing and a nut to adjust the roller bearing clearance.


(2) Frame-type chassis, the front end of which is welded to the traction bearing housing, the rear end of which is welded to the trailer chassis, the steering mechanism and the frame-type chassis, which are directional and chain-type. Two ways to connect.


(3) The steering clutch pedal in the steering wheel of the tractor is connected by the clutch cable and the tractor clutch. The leaf spring front seat and the leaf spring rear seat are fixed to the lower part of the trailer undercarriage by bolts, so that the fixing function can be well fixed and the problem of looseness is not easy to occur.

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