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Speed ​​control and driving method for two-wheeled walking tractor

When using two-wheeled walking tractors, to meet different requirements, a suitable depth and loose soil when rotary tilling, or a suitable depth and width when plowing, it is necessary to ensure that the engine is not overloaded. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the situation of the plot, and the speed can be increased as much as possible, and the speed can be reduced appropriately.


The speed of a two-wheeled tractor is usually adjusted by the gear position, instead of being adjusted by adding or subtracting the throttle, as far as possible to achieve the throttle operation in the high first gear. During the rotary tilling operation of the two-wheeled tractor, keep the body as clean as possible, especially pay attention to cleaning the engine casing.


Generally speaking, in a multilateral area with an area of less than 3 MU(a unit of area), the driving method of a two-wheeled walking tractor is a “head ploughing method”, generally adopting a straight-through method, and the bypass method is the most direct method. Among them, the bypass method has a shorter idle time, thereby maintaining high production efficiency. The bypass method usually adopts inward bypassing, which is convenient to operate and can fully utilize the performance of the two-wheeled walking tractor.


However, it should be noted that the inward bypass method tends to turn toward one side at the time of tilling, which results in the direction of the turning handle being separated and combined with the assembly for a long time, and the multiple use will increase wear and lose balance. The operator must be able to flexibly adjust the direction of the detour and take turns to turn left.

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