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Single row potato harvester purchase considerations

Buy a single-row potato harvester that is satisfactory and can be used for a long period of time. This is also a problem that the majority of users are very concerned about. At present, there are many types of single-row potato harvesters on the market, and they are of different quality. It is also necessary to consider comprehensively when making purchases.


First of all, we should choose the model according to the requirements of the local crop planting specifications. In other words, the single row potato harvester selected must be able to adapt to the condition of the crop. Normally, high-yield models should be selected for high-yield plains. In the case of poor maturity and high moisture content at the time of harvesting, it is recommended to select a model that has good wet-out performance and is suitable for wet cutting.


The second step is to purchase according to the quality of single-row potato harvesters. To know the quality of the equipment itself will often affect the reliability and life of its work. For example, some machines themselves have poor manufacturing quality, so the faults will continue to occur during work, and the harvesting results will not meet the requirements. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the harvester when purchasing. Should choose a reasonable design, performance and quality standards, the use of high reliability, security, good maneuverability harvester.


Furthermore, we need to consider actual productivity when selecting a single-row potato harvester. In fact, the harvester's productivity is related to the amount of feed, the cut width and the working speed. Usually the models with large productivity are large in size and relatively high in price. They are suitable for areas with large fields and large areas.


Of course, we must combine our own economic situation to buy. When we buy a single-row potato harvester, we must not only pay attention to the price of the machine itself, but also take into account the cost and effectiveness of the consumption. We hope that in the future when we select single-row potato harvesters, we will be able to consider various requirements and select suitable models.

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