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Selection requirements for walk-behind tractor trailers

When picking up a walk-behind tractor trailer, you should first select a high-quality brand-name product, which is important. If the weight is the same, the weight of the trailer will be better. Secondly, the body should be right, there must be driving signs and lighting facilities, the four corners are complete, and the gas joints and electric heads of the walking tractor should be reliable and easy to pick and hang.


When the walk-behind tractor is used, it needs to be run-in with the tractor. When doing the run-in, the load does not exceed 80% of the limit, and the speed is running at medium speed. Also, observe the normal temperature of each part of the bearing and the fastening of the turntable, leaf spring and wheel. The fastening degree of the piece is tightened once every 30~50kin, and it can be tightened three times.


The walk-behind tractor trailer should be running smoothly, with a leaf spring damping device, the brake should be reliable, and the no-load test can be carried out when selecting; the axle bearing should be tight; the main parts of the bearing, brake, wheel and other parts should be highly generalized. The main parameters should meet the standard requirements.


When the walk-behind tractor trailer is rotated 90°, it should not interfere with the tractor; when fully loaded, the draw bar should be kept parallel to the ground and slightly higher in front, thus ensuring that the walk-behind tractor trailer can be better used with the tractor. Achieving satisfactory results.

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