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Selection and lubrication requirements for engine oil of Dongfeng type walking tractor

The maintenance parts of the Dongfeng type walking tractor need to take out a proper amount of dewatering machine oil and then pour into the intake pipe to effectively rotate the crankshaft during use, so that the oil can adhere to the piston, the piston rod and the cylinder liner. On the valve. Shake the piston to the compression top dead center to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being pressed for a long time and lose their performance.

The Dongfeng-type walking tractor needs to disassemble the injector. When it is used, it needs to clean the injector and put it into the clean diesel. Loosen the adjusting screw and block the injector hole with the cork. Fill the axle box with oil. Take 1kg of dehydration oil, pour into the crankcase, and then turn the crankshaft a few turns to make the lubrication system full of dehydration oil.

The parts of the Dongfeng-type walking tractor are polyester and oil. When used, the lifting parts such as the rocker arm, high-pressure oil pipe, fuel injection, bolts and nuts are all coated with dewatering machine oil to prevent rust. Lubricate well. According to the overall lubrication requirements of the tractor, select the lubricating oil that meets the standard for full lubrication. 

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