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Safety and power level of a single row potato harvester for walking tractors

The safety of the single-row potato harvester, the comfort of the working environment and the ease of handling are increasingly valued. The well-designed cab and various instruments not only improve the working conditions of the driver, but also use it. It can guarantee its safety and improve labor productivity and quality of work.

The standardization, generalization and serialization of the single-row potato harvester parts for walking tractors are, to a certain extent, important measures to facilitate production, use, reduce manufacturing costs and simplify the supply of spare parts. In order to meet the multi-faceted needs of the tractor market with fewer basic models of tractors, the major tractor companies in Europe and America produce one or several series of products.

Walking tractors with single row potato harvesters have two or more power grades, and have a certain organically linked tractor basic model and its corresponding variants, which constitute a series of products that can make parts between products. It has the highest degree of generalization, which increases the production volume of common parts; or it can produce similar parts on the same processing line, and assemble similar parts and adjacent grade tractors on the same assembly line. This is very beneficial for making full use of production capacity and reducing production costs.

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