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Repair and maintenance of walking tractor

The adjustment of fuel supply time of diesel engine using single plunger type oil pump in high pressure oil pump is used to increase walking tractor

Reduce the gasket to achieve. The oil pump to replace the new machine oil pump or the lower balance shaft, sometimes encountered on the machine pump internal and external rotor shaft and the lower balance of the shaft of the small Groove coordination (due to insufficient shaft groove depth), tighten the oil pump, the rotor shaft top of the dead balance axis, at this time can increase the appropriate gasket, the following balance axis rotation freely appropriate. The main bearing cap is replaced with a new crankshaft, spindle tile or main bearing cover, and sometimes the crankshaft too tight phenomenon, when the hand-pull flywheel, no axial clearance, you can add the main bearing cover pad. A 1mm thick gasket can be added between the sliding disc and the thrust bearing. Sometimes the gasket is too thick, will appear to increase the throttle, not up to the due speed, should be appropriate to reduce the gasket. Cylinder head cover may be due to the casting error, and sometimes the new cylinder cover, decompression shaft head will be top pressure intake door, resulting in a cylinder without compression force. This situation can be solved by increasing the cylinder cover gasket.

The gasket on the chassis increases or decreases

In the actual work of the driving wheel housing, when the new drive shaft or bearing seat is replaced, the driving axle is too tight, especially the tapered roller bearing, and the top pressure is tighter. Should be fitted with the appropriate thickness of the bearing seat gasket, how much to increase the cushion to push-pull hub without axial clearance, hand-pinch steering to the hand, push-and-turn drive shaft can rotate freely appropriate. Some spring, seal ring of the pad gearbox in the variable-speed positioning spring, long working hours, the spring becomes shorter and softer, or a small number of broken, the phenomenon of automatic off. In the case of the inability to buy a new spring (in fact, sometimes not necessarily to buy a new), can be in the fork positioning hole at the bottom of the small pad or with fine cloth to knead into a small circle thrust into, so that the spring slightly out of the positioning hole, continue to use good results. The fork axle is padded to purchase a new pair of variable speed, an inverted block or a two or three-shift fork shaft, sometimes with a shorter or longer axis, a positioning groove on the shaft and a corresponding offset. Longer time can be sawn or grinding to the longer part of the wheel, but the fork shaft should be placed on the gearbox body calibration, determine the saw which head. The positioning Groove deviates from the corresponding gear, that is, when the locating steel ball falls into the locating groove, and the gear is not fully meshed, the force will automatically take off.

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