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Reasonable use of farm tractors

When a farm tractor is operating, it is necessary not only to perform reasonable operations based on actual operational requirements and land conditions, but also to conduct corresponding inspections and adjustments. In fact, in the maintenance of agricultural hand-held tractors, checking and adjusting the size of fittings on time to ensure the relative position of parts and components is of great significance to their use.


If you do not operate properly during inspection, adjustment and tightening, some undesirable phenomena may occur. For example, if the relative position changes, there will be an impact, which will accelerate the wear of farm tractors. When the axle of the rear axle and the second shaft of the transmission are not maintained in the vertical state, the meshing of the large and small bevel gears is not correct, and not only the wear is exacerbated, but also the teeth are struck. In addition, the poor fastening of the connectors therein, and the failure to perform the inspection and tightening in a timely manner, will also cause loosening of the assembly of the system assembly and the components, resulting in increased wear.


That is, if the dynamic fit clearance increases, or the static fit tightness weakens and reaches a certain degree, the system's mating performance will be destroyed and parts wear will be exacerbated. Therefore, it is very important to check the fastening conditions and adjustments of the various parts of the farm tractors on time.


At the same time, the operating procedures for agricultural tractors must also be strictly observed. As a user, it is necessary to master the safe operation technology of this machine, and insist on starting the machine as required. After the start, the water temperature does not reach 40°C without starting, and the temperature is maintained at about 80-85°C without loading less than 60°C. Should not be started without fierce, do not increase the throttle, do not make high-speed sharp turn, not open "sick" car, no over-load operation and other basic requirements.


In fact, regarding the rational use of farm tractors, we should do “four jobs” and “three no jobs”. In other words, when working on a farm tractor, it is necessary to check the fastening of each component; whether to listen to the abnormal sound of each rotating part; to observe the instrument; to maintain it. No good maintenance, no work; irregular sounds, no work; no check, no work.

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