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Purchase considerations of the 12hp two wheel tractor

Proper purchase of 12hp two wheel tractor can not only ensure economic efficiency, but also improve work efficiency. So what issues should you pay attention to during the purchase process? The first is to check the appearance of the whole machine, pay attention to check the appearance quality, the whole machine has no deformation, the surface is smooth and flat, and the paint should be bright and even. Check that the bolts of important parts are complete and reliable, and there is no leakage oil. Safety guards, warning signs and lights shall be complete and effective. Each control part shall have obvious signs and symbols, and protective covers shall be installed for each dangerous part.

Next, we need to check the operating mechanism of the 12hp two wheel tractor. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the clutch is completely separated, the combination is smooth, and it is effective and reliable. There should be no slippage. Secondly, check the shift lever. When the gear is engaged, there should be obvious hand feeling. There should be no card bump, difficulty in hanging gear or hanging up. In the stop state, the main shift lever can only hang a gear from the neutral position. It is not possible to automatically disengage or stagger when walking. Steering and braking operations must be flexible and reliable.

In addition, the operating status of the 12hp two wheel tractor should be checked. Before starting the engine, it is necessary to check the oil level of the engine oil and gear oil and whether there is fuel and cooling water. Check if the engine starting is difficult. After the engine runs smoothly, observe the exhaust pipe exhaust color. After running for about ten minutes, there should be no oil leakage, water leakage or air leakage, and there is no smell.

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