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Productivity improvement and operational requirements for farm tractor tools

The average power of the farm tractor tools is constantly increasing during the use. Regardless of the agricultural tractor or the industrial tractor, the average power continues to increase in order to improve the productivity of the single machine, but the growth rate has been reduced. In North America and the Soviet Union, there are fewer people, and the scale of agricultural production is large. Most of them use large-scale agricultural machinery and are equipped with corresponding high-power tractors. In the developing countries, small and medium power tractors are still the mainstay, but their average power is also increasing.

The farm tractor tools have an absolute advantage in use, and crawler tractors have not been used in the agricultural production process. Although some crawler tractors are still in use in China, their share is declining. In industrial tractors, especially bulldozers, excavators and other models, the track type still dominates.

The farm tractor tools are constantly increasing as their power is used during operation, and their four-wheel drive tractors have developed rapidly. The application of hydraulic steering devices can solve the problem of difficult steering of such models, articulated steering. The ability to greatly reduce the steering radius has contributed to the development of high-power four-wheel drive tractors. In order to improve the traction adhesion performance and passing ability in paddy fields, the four-wheel drive variant of small and medium power wheel tractors has also achieved rapid development in Japan and other countries.


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